A pioneer in the sharing economy,

both by

guiding production companies in making their products shareable

and by

providing sharing services.

How shareable is your product?


A freefloating product travels from users to user.
Free, because it is the peer-to- peer demand that decides on the product’s next destination.
Floating, because there is no intermediate ‘central partner’ between each user.

We help transform your product in a Freefloating one. Win new markets and raise your profitability by doing so! We  bring your product on the direct sharing market via a peer-to-peer platform. We take care of the process, you get the revenue and the usage data.


ABout us

Businesses and Manufacturers who are aiming to deliver products with high standards and superior performances, have to adapt quickly to find their fit in the fast changing customer markets.  

Never have the markets evolved so quickly. Customers have access to more, faster and cheaper. 

However, all customers actually want the same: Sustainable, affordable products which will do the job without too many troubles. 

We see a clear conflict in interest between these customers and the fast evolving (globalizing) market. At Freefloat we enable engaged businesses and manufacturers to get access to new markets where possession is no longer the point of focus but performance, sustainability and shareability.

We will strive to convince producers to make products that last, are modular, designed for shared use, and which return to the producer at the end of their life. Our tools and custom roadmap will help companies get there stap by step.

​Your freefloating product will access new markets through a Product Service System. In this Circular system, we assume usage and result instead of owning. There are many different variants within the usage and result oriented model. We aim for the most circular and effective option for each product (rental company, P2P freefloating, PPU, leasing).



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